The unique 270 degree swing barn door system that simply lifts up on the pivot pins and locks into the fenders - no need to worry about the doors swinging open while tilting the box.



These unique heavy duty spring-loaded barn door locking pins are easily maintained.


45° angle tipping will ensure accurate and thorough discharge of load.
Our grade 70 safety chain slack adjuster system can be easily and quickly manually adjusted to take out chain slack, thus preventing chains dragging and wearing on the roads.
Unique heavy duty bolt on double scissor hoist system with added strength to withstand that side sway motion while fully extended.

We offer dual 4'', 5'' and 6'' hoist cylinder assemblies to give the thrust needed to lift your load requirements. Equally we offer the same hoist cylinders in a single scissor hoist assembly to fit those in between thrust requirements.


This top quality heavy duty 6' x 12' construction trailer has the main sub frames and dump box frames closed mitred at all corners, welded and ground smooth. The second hook on the chain slack adjuster prevents the chain from dragging on the roads. A great upgraded option, equip your new VERSAtilt Trailer with a 12K adjustable hand crank foot jack.

A VERSAtilt Trailer you cant ruly be proud to own.

Our unique barn door systems permits a full 270° swing and locks into the fenders.
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